Finding Charlie

Ever read a brutally honest buyers story? You’re about to. I’m in no way shape or form scared to admit that I had no bloody idea what I was doing.

I had only had brief discussions with my partner about buying a horse, something I had missed for years. When I found myself driving two hours away to a horse I knew nothing about, I wanted to turn around. I had woken up that morning with no intentions of getting out of my Pj’s, let alone traveling down a highway.

Hindsight is such an incredible thing, No? Looking back and thinking about it, An off the track thoroughbred (OTT)  probably wasn’t the best purchase for someone with shattered confidence. I couldn’t remember the last time I had even ridden a horse.

I met Charlie’s owner at his paddock as she was riding him around, all I saw was this big beautiful dapple grey. I missed things like his head tossing, his anxiety, lack of trust is in rider and his attitude of needing to win every battle that a rider laid in front of him.

I was shaking like a leaf in a wind storm as I placed my foot in the stirrup and proceeded to swing my leg over the saddle. I’m still unsure what surprised me more, how quickly my knowledge of HOW to ride came back or how much  confidence I really did lack now. Our first ride I didn’t go faster than a walk, and I didn’t go further than 50m from the gate. I had already decided he wasn’t the horse for me before i had even dismounted.

How did I end up buying him? I ask myself the same thing. I don’t know how it happened. It was somewhere between dismounting and staring into those big brown eyes that trusted me to touch him all over, not his current owner and the look he gave me when I thanked him for keeping me safe even though we were both nervous. Nothing could replaced the Charlie hug he gave me that day.


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