Getting Charlie Home

Are you a here and now kind of person? The kind of person who makes a life time decision in seconds? I am.

So, No surprise to anyone when I came home and had purchased a horse. A horse that was two hours away and I had nothing. No float, no gear and no bloody idea.

It was two weeks later that i decided a trucking company was my best option.Trucking companies are a life saver in times like these! They certainly took (some) of the stress out of moving/buying a new horse, Not having to load, stress about how long they have been traveling or the horses well being, trucking was the best option.

I had managed to find a family member with a spare paddock big enough for Charlie, With a dam! Charlie turned up a day later than he was meant to, I doubted if he was ever going to arrive. It was July, middle of the freezing cold winter, in the dark.


Charlie unloaded from the truck like a bull in a china shop, neighing as loud as he could to see if he had any new potential herd members. His response was from a goat named Snowflake who bleated his little heart out to Charlie’s worried calls.

I spent 45mins that night walking Charlie around the fences on a lead rope, over and over. In a hope he would work out I was showing him the boundaries and he wouldn’t go through a fence over night. Charlie was more concerned about finding where the bleating was coming from.{8B5214D2-139E-47C5-8B36-8149EAB3DA1C}.jpg

I left Charlie for the night to settle in and return in the morning. When I first arrived back in the morning, I released the amount of weight he had lost since I had seen him two weeks prior. I didn’t know where to start with that.



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