My Go-To

What is your go to when you have pain?

If I have cramps in the evening, I bet you that the next morning they will be 10x worse.

If I know at some point I will have to leave the house, I do it in the morning because mid-day, I will be so bloated I end up looking like I’m four months pregnant.


Some days pain medication does nothing ( and I really hate taking it unless I HAVE to)

My two heat packs on rotation need a pay rise, even on a 40degree day I will happily sit under and air conditioner as long as I can have my heat packs. Cramps can come on so quick and fast, a hot bath is a great short release too.


I am a self confessed lazy cook, I can cook, but I hate it ( Who doesn’t after work?) After reading blog after blog I found some comfort and hope in finding some foods to help, I found eating these foods while already having cramps doesn’t always help the situation ( Duh!) Below is a list I have personally tried, while this food doesn’t always help with pain, It did help with the bloating.

Foods that I found didn’t help.

  • Pasta ( Which is always my go to food on a lazy day)
  • Too much red meat (Super hard when you love steak!)
  • Fried food is out ( I know, I’m taking away all the good stuff)
  • Dairy

Foods I can enjoy

  • Berries ( Strawberries, Blueberries, Any berries!)
  • Pineapple ( Perfect when you’re under that air con with a heat pack during summer!)
  • Bok Choy ( I never could say no to Bok Choy in Oyster sauce)
  • Broccoli ( Add it with your Bok Choy !)
  • Almond milk (I had to have my morning coffee some how)
  • Nuts  ( Almonds are my favorite)

An easy way to get some of the above in one sitting, Make a smoothie! Fresh berries, pineapple, almond milk and some almonds! Yum!


Do you have any I have missed? I would love to hear what you do when those cramps set in, I’m willing to try anything!


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