The New Help

You know, after roughly 8 years since diagnosis, I still cant determine what part I hate the most. The irregular bleeding is just an inconvenience and frustrating, not to mention the pain train it brings with it. At the end of the day, they all go hand- in- hand.


My first phone call with the specialists office was a daunting one. Especially when I was informed my referral wasn’t received and the specialist wasn’t taking on new patients. My thought process at that point was along the lines of “I don’t know if I can be bothered with this anymore, Hopefully my body just gets over it”

Some where in my voice must had been a level of desperation I was un aware of. I was asked if I would mind being on hold for a moment, thinking a minute or two. Five minutes rolled by and I wondered if i had been forgotten.

The word forgotten should not have been in my vocabulary that day. That lady on the phone could just hung up after informing me there were currently no new patients, but she didn’t. She went and asked the specialist if she would take on one more patient, a desperate girl just looking for answers about her body. ( Because puberty isn’t confusing enough for anyone).

I was given an appointment in two weeks time, and here I was thinking it would at least a month wait. My walk up to my specialists office was an exciting one, I had no idea what to expect but for the first time I felt hope. I felt like someone was going to help me this time.

Our talk seemed short, but proactive, can you really ask for much more? I don’t believe so. First appointment was the appointment we discussed everything else I had been on in my short menstrual life to try help.

We decided at the time that enough was enough for my body, my best chance was a Laparoscopy. Key hole surgery to have a look at what we were dealing with, to remove what or any endometriosis  was there and to insert a Mirena.

I would love to hear what worked for you, weather it be the pill, depo needle, the Mirena. I would also love to hear your stories about what didn’t work for you. Leave me a comment!


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