The New Kid on The Block

Remember when I bought Charlie and I impulsed bought him? (If you haven’t read it, you can find it here! Finding Charlie) This one is worse. I didn’t see this horse. I didn’t ride this horse and I didn’t know his history.

I knew that my riding had excelled, I knew that thanks to Mr Naughty ( Charlie) I had been through the works of bad attitude, So anything this new horse could throw at me, I would be sweet, Right?

Buddy’s story is filled with heartache. Every week thousands of horses go through the sales after being discarded by previous owners for what ever reasons. No one knows the reasons, but we do know that a fair majority of those horses get sold to what we know in the horse world as the doggers or knackery.

If you hadn’t guessed it already, its the slaughter house. Horses are purchased from the sales and then moved to the doggers for slaughter- some for human consumption where the meat is sent overseas and other for well… food. It’s a horrible place but unfortunately, not everything in this world is pretty and I can’t sugar coat it.

I had been looking to purchase a new horse in case Charlie gets sick and heads to live out his days in the paddock.

Buddy was placed for sale on the Friday, Unfortunately this scared horse was not bid on by a private home and was purchase by the doggers.  Now, Lucky for Buddy is that when getting to their last stop, Some horses are put aside and given a week to sell to a private home for double the original purchase price or they go back on the truck.

Come the Saturday morning a girlfriend has tagged me in the below picture, Informing me he only had a week. He was just what I was looking for, a big booty QH. Instantly I did that non thinking thing and said I would give this boy a home.


For the next two days I battled with myself, What the hell was I doing it again for? This time I was buying sight unseen and knew nothing about this horse.

I had decided by the Monday morning he was running out of time and I was over thinking things. I deposited money and two days later he was on the float home to me. I have never been so nervous, and even now, I’ve only owned him for two weeks. 16706992_10154337294783170_262347883_n

Have you ever bought your horse from the sales or sight unseen? Share your stories below!


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