The Weight Game

Ever struggled to put on weight? LOL! I certainly haven’t!


Charlie on the other hand, did. For the first two years that I had his beautiful booty in the paddock. I could not count how many times I changed feeds. I tried so many weight gainers and I found nothing that worked for us.

Charlie wasn’t being ridden at the time, So I was confident that I wasn’t working the weight off him. I was at a real loss as to how to make my big boy look healthy.


After two years of trying so many different types of hay and feeds, I was lucky enough to get Charlie into a paddock about three weeks into spring…..WELL! Hel-lo Big Boy!!


Now, Thoroughbreds are the athlete of the horse world, but Charlie retired from his racing career in 2010 and had not only kept that slim racing build but had lost all the muscles I’m sure he had whilst in work.


The above photos were taken about three months apart. I’ve now know that an extremely important part of Charlie’s diet isn’t alot of different hard feeds. He just needed time spent out in a great pasture with spring feed… but with that spring feed, comes the spring attitude! For those that didn’t know, the shorter the grass, the sweeter, and in spring, that is not in short demand!

Spring grass to Charlie is like what I imagine a naughty child that drank 5 cups of red cordial in a row then still proceeded to eat an entire lolly bag. Keeping up that demand after spring is a different thing altogether, It’s hard to get weight on, but once it’s on, it’s all about maintenance!

I think its time to talk about riding him, Don’t you? Keep an eye out for our first few ride stories, but, in the mean time, let me know about what works for your horses in those dry seasons or if you would like to know what his currently being fed as a maintenance !



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