Wanna hear something funny? I am petrified of needles. Tattoo guns? No problem. Piercing needle? Didn’t even see or feel it… but try to give me a needle in the vein…and I want to RUN!

The night before my surgery was an exhausting one, I was starving from having to fast and I was petrified of that needle. I couldn’t sleep over the sound of my stomach grumbling nor could I find enough peace to be able to.

That morning, my mother picked me up to hold my hand ( If anyone ever tells you that one day you won’t need your mum, they’re lying. Can’t be trusted.)

Once I was bought through to the prep room ( Mum in tow), I tried to explain to the nurse how scared I was of needles and tried to negotiate how much time I would have out of the saddle. She laughed at me and apparently missed the serious tone in my voice.


When my anesthetist came in, again, I explained my fear of needles and he assured me that he will give me the smallest needle he can, the one he gives to toddlers. I felt better until as the needle hit my skin, he winked at my mother. MY MOTHER. The person i bought to protect me, didn’t. ( I was secretly thankful of their lies)

All I then remember is getting wheeled into the operating room, I remember talking about the stunning view from the 6th floor on that rainy day. Then nothing but the best damn sleep I had experienced in weeks!

Waking up was a different story. I couldn’t keep anything down, the hunger I had felt was now replaced with the constant nauseous feeling and I just wanted to go home.

I was informed my mum was on her way to collect her broken little hero and tried to sit up to get dressed. WORST idea! Because they pump a gas into your bowel area, the gas left my body through my shoulders. It felt like I was being picked up by my shoulders and suspended every time I sat up.

You can imagine the car ride home. Trying to stay as laid down as I much as I could possibly do. Mum could not have said sorry anymore over every bump.


If only I knew that my recovery had just started, and I didn’t even know what or if they had found what they went looking for.

Ever had a laparoscopy? I would love to hear your stories!


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