Catch Me If You Can!

Ever felt like mission impossible is headed your way?

I was so nervous to meet this new horse that I knew nothing about. As we headed out to collect him, I didn’t know what to expect. My horse sister mentally prepared me for the worst but hoped for the best. I was told he traveled like a champion in the float with hardly any movement.

When I first approached Buddy, he ran. Now, Charlie is naughty but he always lets me catch him. Buddy turned his bum to be, and ran. I was dumb founded for a few seconds. I thought it was due to his big week. I was wrong.

Being through the sales, at the yards and then home to me. No wonder he was scared of me and a rope. I walked after him for about 10 mins before I could corner him enough to get a rope around his neck and halter over his nose.

The instant we made eye contact my heart exploded. There was fear in his eyes but love in my heart.

Once caught, Buddy was beautiful on the ground. Pick up all feet and walked with respect behind you. In the round yard showed similar respect.

Starting with a long lunge line in the round yard and some join up. Soon after realized I didn’t need the rope and free lunged. I couldn’t help myself, after a 15min work out I had to put a saddle on.

Once saddle was on, Buddy began to show some fear. The sounds of the leather fenders slapping against the saddle was a terrifying noise. I still felt comfortable enough to climb into the saddle. Just a short ride as I had noticed his back was sore.


5 minutes into my ride and I am in love! My new horse is educated, works off your leg, has established roll backs and a mouth that is as soft as butter.

It has been two weeks since buying Buddy, and I have ran a lot of km trying to catch him. Takes me 10-15 minutes to catch him. But his starting to run up to the fence when he hears me coming. There is something so humbling to watch a horse grow to love and trust you.

Buddy had his back looked at on Saturday and some much needed TLC ( including acupuncture) Kimberly from Hands On Equine Therapy in North East Victoria is a miracle woker! You can find her here

This afternoon is Buddy’s main event. The first proper ride where I know he isn’t sore. I am  full of mixed emotions. I am so excited to get in that saddle!


Be on the look out for Buddy’s first real ride!

Do you remember your first ride at home? I’d love to hear about it!


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