Today was one of those hard days. I struggled to walk through the house and spent my whole day on painkillers because I wasn’t coping. This post will be short and sweet!

When I returned from surgery I struggled to walk. I struggled to eat and all I wanted to do was sleep my week out.

During a laparoscopy your bowel is blown up with a gas. That gas is the only pain that occupies your mind for the first few days. The gas leaving my body consisted of every time I sat up my shoulders and my neck consisted of a burning /aching pain. This process was more uncomfortable than dealing with healing from the incisions.


Four days I was on the couch not being able to shower. Four days! Moving between the couch and the bedroom was impossible without my partners help. He moved everything he could into my reach for easy access with my limited movement and did everything in his power keep me entertained while I recovered.

The time between surgery and going back to work was roughly a week and a half. The pain subsided after the week but I was still extremely uncomfortable.

Two weeks later when I was able to move some what pain free. I was then able met with my specialist for my results. My Mirena was still settling in and causing havoc. It is always a gamble putting something so foreign into your body and expecting your body to just keep on going like it’s not there. Some women go into shock after having the Mirena inserted. Just because I had avoided the shock factor does not mean that the Mirena was going to work with my body and not against it.

My endometriosis results were my happy medium. The bad news? There was some there, and it had started making it’s way towards my bowel. The good news? What a relief it was. I wasn’t crazy. All those time’s I tried to tell  people that there was something wrong, I was right. They removed what endometriosis was there only to come across ovarian cysts.

Most women will have ovarian cyst’s come and go during their lifetime without them ever effecting day to day life.

Of course mine is different, If only I knew that what I knew now! These cysts come and go as they please, causing me pain in every aspect of their sometimes quick lives. Also makes the chances of children ever harder for the future.

I am so interested to hear other stories! I would love to know yours!




3 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. I hope you’re healing well and feeling better each day. I’ve started my own blog today – will not be your usual endometriosis blog but I too wrote my post op experience on there if you want to peak at my story. It was my second op but each one is so different. Anyways – much love to you for being an end warrior


    • I’ve had three now and they certainly are all different. Feeling much better the last few days. Everyone talks about the physical impact of endo but it’s so much more than that! I will certainly check it out, I love hearing other people’s experiences!

      You’re a huntress too. X

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah I am glad to hear it. Yes a massive emotional impact also. I think the more of us that talk about it, the more honesty there is out there about the whole process. x


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