Minutes To Glory

Incredible how the feeling of time changes, isn’t it? How two minutes can feel like seconds and seconds can feel like minutes. Monday’s at work feel like days and you start to forget what your house looks like if it is a bad enough Monday.

Riding Charlie was similar. A small moment in time felt like it stood still. Those few minutes felt like hours.

I still remember placing the saddle on Charlie’s back. I remember the shake in my hands.

After having a discussion with Charlie about him taking the bit, I decided what a better time than now to climb into the saddle?

He knew I was scared. Charlie is a horse that will test you for dominance.  He likes to be in charge. My first ride lasted about 6mins. I was terrified, uneducated and wasn’t helping anything.3c2d1f53-ece5-4dff-ad5d-aefc1def9076

Charlie sat in a paddock for two years after that. Ridden once every 6 weeks for about 2mins. He scared me, I didn’t have the confidence to get on him. He knew that.

I met fellow horse people who helped to build my confidence. I started to gain a relationship with Charlie under saddle but still wasn’t enough. If he played up, I would just get off and walk him.

I was always so scared being an ex racehorse that he would just run and I wouldn’t be able to pull him up. It took a girlfriend on a trail ride to tell me she was bored just walking everywhere, and cantered off.

Charlie followed suit and took off at a canter. At that moment, you could have seen my heart pounding through my chest. I was the most scared I had been in a long time.

It was such freedom. I was giggling like a school girl, my smile was hurting my face and I think I may have had tears roll down my cheeks. I had found freedom, I had found love, and I had found trust.

I knew from that point on, Our relationship as a team could only grow stronger. My fear of being in the saddle was fading so quickly and I was starting to remember what it felt like to be a competent and confident rider.



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