Traffic Jam

I am like a proud mum watching her child achieve milestones. Guess I kind of am.


Buddy last weekend was released into the big paddock with Charlie and George, for a few days only. His membership in this paddock quickly expired when he decided to play the old game of cat and mouse. Again.

This weekend was a BIG step for Buddy. We headed out on our normal trail ride. Riding Buddy is like a ticking time bomb. He seems calm and collected but if you pay attention, he is ready to explode at the next thing he doesn’t like or is scared off.


I had thrown so much at this horse in the last few weeks.We’ve ridden in the bush,through creeks, on the side of a rural highway. He has taken it all in his stride. I had never asked him to ride through town, till this weekend.

Buddy has little tantrums when he doesn’t want to do something. Like anything, these are never when you’re alone in the bush with your riding partner.It’s when there is people watching, cars coming towards you at 100kms or when you are dancing in the middle of a road with a milk tanker that’s trying to turn into the lane where you are practicing your choreography ( who patiently waited).

Three tantrums we had on Saturday. Not one of those battles did Buddy win, and each tantrum was shorter than the last.

As we ride through the bush, we always stop in the creek for the horses to have a drink and play. I was so ecstatic to have another water baby. I love the bonding moments of playing in the water with my horse.


As you can imagine, heading in and out of the bush, we come across a lot of bush walkers. Only twice this weekend did we come across walkers. Buddy is not a fan. First pair came out of a walking path, sent Buddy to the other side of the road in what I think was one solid leap. The other was as we came over a hill, cantering up a hill and having people walk out of the bushes at the top, sent Buddy flying. Going to have to start calling him Pegasus.

The look I got the next morning off Buddy was a ” No Mum, I have filled my weekend quota, take the big white horse” Sorry Buddy, out of luck. Normally I wouldn’t ride two days in a row, I’m generally sore and I like to give him a recovery day. Unfortunately for both of us, not this weekend.


Our local ARC ( Adult Riding Club) was having a rally. We rode the horses down there to seen how our green horses would react in that environment before we paid joining fee’s. They were perfect! Buddy didn’t care about the people around, other horses or the loud speakers. His only issue was that there wasn’t a lot of food on the sidelines and as always, he was STARVING. Buddy informed me a lot about how terrible of a standing spot it was.

I am so proud of him, he was perfect, even through battling traffic again. Once my sweaty horse and co returned to our paddock, off went the jeans and on went the shorts. I rode my big booty baby into the dam bareback. Buddy sat ( like a dog) in the dam, with me on his back.

This horse is so cheeky. I am so grateful for him not getting on that meat truck that day.  We just work.






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