The Little Engine That Could.

When purchasing a new horse, one questions that should cross your mind is “what do i want this horse for?” The answer is anywhere from trail riding,  show jumping or just to love in the paddock. They are magnificent to look at. There is something so magical about looking out into a paddock and watching horses run and play.


The plan with Buddy was cattle work. Team penning was what I had in mind when I was looking for a Quarter horse, one that had been around cattle, worked cattle and was comfortable. Then I bought Buddy from the sales knowing nothing.

Buddy turns on a dime and that’s impressive in itself. I was always worried with those little legs he wouldn’t have the poke to take on horses at barrel racing events or have the ability to chase after cattle.


This weekend was a busy one, Saturday flew by at the Man From Snowy River Bush Festival in Corryong  and I didn’t even compete! It’s a day filled with many events taking place to go and watch, markets full of horse gear, quality leather and all the clothing your little riding heart desires.  The craftsmanship of some of that leather work blew me away! It was an early start and a late night for us girls, but so worth it! If you ever get the chance, Check it out! The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival

Everyone has those days where they hate the world, We were still so tired from the late night before that everything looked horrible when you’re still so tired and you want to curl up and self loathe, unless you have a friend like me. I can’t think of anything better in a time like that to go and spend a day with your best friends.


Last week during the storm, Buddy’s fence broke and he ended up in the paddock with the other two horses, which is why he now is pretending he is to scared to be caught or touched, unless you have the promise of a feed bucket, his consideration level becomes in depth.

Once caught and saddled, Charlie proceeded to give us both cuddles while we were trying to ride out the gate without him. He got his payback by opening the car door while we were out, pulled out the feed buckets from the backseat and began consuming half the food before we returned.


While out on our trail rides, we conquer some big hills. Buddy struggles with his little legs to out run the big thoroughbreds, and he just doesn’t have the same stamina. George and his rider make it look like a picnic in the park while Buddy’s reminded me of the little engine that thinks he can keep up, without actually putting in effort.


Well, after cantering up and down hills most of the day, the little engine who thought he could, most certainly can! After unlocking the secret to a Buddy gallop, he tried his little heart out at every stint, kept up with the big boy and loved every minute.

The determination and the heart that horse put into Sunday, makes my heart explode! I am falling more and more in love with this horse, I cant explain the feeling of love that radiates from me when we have these moments. He has come to far in such a short amount of time. I could not be more impressed by my little engine that can!

Can you remember that moment your heart exploded with your fur baby? Share it with me in the comments!




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