Last weekend I decided I should get some professional photos done of the horses. Neither of them are getting any younger and I’m not getting any skinnier, so why not?!


Now, naturally, the photos were to be taken Saturday afternoon, So while checking on the horses late Friday night, Charlie graced us with a big cut on his leg, one that needed attention then and there. The horses live 20mins away from us, in a small town where the supermarket closes at 7pm.

Meaning it was an hour before we got back out there with supplies to do anything with it. A quick cover up to keep the dirt out was enough until we had enough light in the morning. My next question was how am I going to disguise it for the photos?


Buddy was first off the ranks that morning for a bath. He got shampooed twice due to my under estimation of how filthy he was. I even found out he had to very white socks on his two back feet, crazy! IMG_4774.jpg

By the time the photographer arrived, I had spent so much time trying to clean the filth from Buddy, I didn’t have time to wash Charlie, I couldn’t decide how to either with the leg the way it was. He got to stay gloriously Charlie filthily.

I had hoped to get a few photos of the stunning big Charlie under saddle doing his flowing, stunning movement. I think he knew he was coming back into work Saturday morning and better pull an injury. He didn’t quite get out of it..



Instead Buddy was saddled for the photos. Well, He had something to say about that! As soon as the saddle went on, Buddy decided to throw out an almighty buck. Lifting me from the saddle, thumping back into it and leaving a surprised look on the photographers face. Then again. and again. I had not even asked him to walk forward. He was just bucking on the spot. I know his back was fine as it was just done. This came down to attitude.

I could no longer put up with his behavior, I dismounted and continued to lunge and work him until he decided to be a civilized part of this family.


Eventually he worked out it was easier to do what I was asking than go against me. The result was establishing his the kind of horse that needs to be worked a few times a week, unlike Charlie who can go un ridden for months and is still unchanged when you decide to saddle up.


I can’t help but share some of these photos! If you would like to see the progress of Charlie’s cut, just ask me! It’s quiet graphic so didn’t want to post it as I’m sure not everyone wants to see it!



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