Oh Buddy!

The month of July feels like its moved in a speeding motion and I haven’t had time to catch my breath ( or write! )

The month of July has bought us some much needed rain ( must have been from my naked rain dancing…. or my cursing the rain gods). There is nothing worse looking into the eternity that is winter and starting that pre spring panic.

With spring comes a handful of emotions for me as an equine lover. One big question.. How silly will Buddy be this spring when the good grass comes back?

Beyond spring is that dreaded Summer. Now, even though Winter gives me no feed on the ground and continues to turn my paddock into the neighborhood mud pit, It gives me some kind of hope that come spring, I might actually have some nice grass to help with the Charlie weight gain game.


Summer on the other hand returns me nothing but the promise of dry, dusty paddocks. I have no doubt that Buddy would gain 5kgs just from catching a sniff of nice pasture 15kms away. Plus the snacks he HAS to take every 3 steps while out trail riding ( thinks he is starving) but Charlie is a completely different story!

I know there are people out there that share my pain when it comes to rug wreckers. Charlie’s brand spankin new rug that I generously gave him at the start or winter is destroyed. I’m hoping it hold out until this cold weather is gone. Buddy’s new rug didn’t last long either. I can confidently tell you that one of Buddy’s rug’s is no longer a combo. Missing In Action- 1 neck piece.


Whilst all this rain has made it way to hard to ride. Everything is so slippery that I wouldn’t risk the horses or myself being injured, especially when I have just recovered! Because I haven’t been riding, I am going a little insane. If it wasn’t for the 1000 other things going on with my health, I probably would have ran away and joined some wild horses just to get a fix.


The best thing about all this rain and not being able to ride is bonding. One of the most important thing I have discovered is that bonding doesn’t start nor does it come from the saddle. Bonding starts on the ground, something as simple as giving a brush and pats while they eat. Whilst spending time on the ground with them, I’ve had time to reminisce about my favorite memories with my big fluffy ( I hate winter coats! ) babies.


I had so many with Charlie, It has taken me a week to narrow it down. My Charlie memory is being reminded what freedom felt like, It’s galloping through the bush with nothing in front of us, It’s feeling my smile and heart grow at the same time his strides did.

My Buddy memory was an easy one. Well, I struggled to pick just one, but everyday I’m reminded of the memory I have chosen. There is still nothing more satisfying than seeing a horse who was so scared ( and still can be at times) of everything and everyone. There was a time where I couldn’t catch him let alone fathom rugging and un-rugging Buddy. Everytime he see’s me and runs towards me, my heart sings. My Buddy memory is the first day he did so. The first day he saw me pulled up and started trotting towards me, and then let me catch and love him. The day he decided I was trustworthy is my Buddy memory. The day we both fell in love.

I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted these stunning Trollbeads Unique Bracelets that match Buddy and Charlie, the best part? I have three more to give away! All you have to do is share this blog post and comment on the Facebook post a fun or favorite memory with any of your pets! Feel free to add photos!





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