Where did it start?

So, Tuesday was a wet and cold Autumn day here and whilst binge watching a show about the remotest parts of Alaska, It got me thinking. What do women do with out access to a doctor, specialist and pain killers? More specific than that, What did they do before the times of diagnosis? So, my rainy day mission was research added with some more research, hours and hours to compile a list of fun facts and information, I hope you find it as interesting as I do.

More than 170 million women and girls around the world suffer from this disease.

Endometriosis was first reviewed in scientific literature in 1860, by Austrian pathologist Karl Freiherr von Rokitansky.  He referred to the disease in his writings as simply “an adenomyoma” ( tumor).

Medical review history dating back almost 4,000yrs has found evidence of endo like symptoms. Treatments involving leeches, straight-jackets, caustic chemical douches, being hung upside down, surgical fatalities, even being accused of demonic possession and killed – all because their crippling yet invisible pain misunderstood by everyone.

In 1927, endometriosis was formally described by Dr John Sampson, when he presented a paper identifying 13 patients in whom the presence of endometrial tissue was observed during abdominal surgery although The “Encyclopaedia of Medical History” published in 1985 did not have a mention for endometriosis.

The first references to endometriosis-associated symptoms are found in the Ebers Papyrus (Papyrus Ebers, is an Egyptian medical papyrus of herbal knowledge dating to c. 1550 BC.), in which a treatment for a “painful disorder of menstruation” is described.

13th Century-Young unmarried women it was sometimes refereed to “disease of the virgins”

13th Century-The concept was that the uterus was not a regular organ, but rather a live animal, hungry for motherhood.

Pain was normally dealt with using opiates during the middle ages.

I have complied some of my favorite and wacky facts above, I can’t get over some of the things women were subjected to but I am so glad they paved the way for women today. I spent hours trawling through journal articles and medical history. If you ever get a spare day ( I know, I’m funny, right?!) Have a stroll down the road of confusing medical research. Incredible what can be found!


Hear us Roar!

Honestly, I am struggling to write this. I haven’t even titled it yet.

March is Endometriosis Awareness month.


This blog post is so important to me. This one is for us heroines that live with the confronting pain and still manage to go about our daily lives. We live with a debilitating condition that no one can see and not many seem to understand.

Now, I’m not sure about you, but when I have days off because I can’t do much. A level of self loathing over takes me. I hate myself for taking the time off. I hate my body for not being normal. It’s that little voice that crawls in and reminds you how terrible your body is.

In these times it is so hard to remember you are not alone. In fact, Endometriosis affects an estimated 1 in 10 women during their reproductive years (usually between the ages of 15 to 49), which is approximately 176 million women in the world .

Yet, with the above statistic, it is still unspoken. People have always felt uncomfortable talking about personal issues, especially female to male. Tried explaining it to a male? Talk about frustrating!

I am over the cringe people give me when I explain what I have. I am over the look on women’s faces when you try to explain it and they roll their eyes like I’m being some kind of princess.

This stigma has to end.

When ever I have had a conversation about my endo, It’s always about the physical attributes of the condition. I want to speak about the mental as well. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy’s. I know I am.


I don’t ever want you to think no one understands. I don’t ever want you to sit alone and wonder where your light in the darkness is. I don’t want you to ever feel alone, because you’re not.

Below is a list from Endometriosis Australia providing support groups in all states in Australia.


Below is another support group for women ( must be signed into Facebook)



And of course, Me. I am always only an email or Facebook message away.




My Go-To

What is your go to when you have pain?

If I have cramps in the evening, I bet you that the next morning they will be 10x worse.

If I know at some point I will have to leave the house, I do it in the morning because mid-day, I will be so bloated I end up looking like I’m four months pregnant.


Some days pain medication does nothing ( and I really hate taking it unless I HAVE to)

My two heat packs on rotation need a pay rise, even on a 40degree day I will happily sit under and air conditioner as long as I can have my heat packs. Cramps can come on so quick and fast, a hot bath is a great short release too.


I am a self confessed lazy cook, I can cook, but I hate it ( Who doesn’t after work?) After reading blog after blog I found some comfort and hope in finding some foods to help, I found eating these foods while already having cramps doesn’t always help the situation ( Duh!) Below is a list I have personally tried, while this food doesn’t always help with pain, It did help with the bloating.

Foods that I found didn’t help.

  • Pasta ( Which is always my go to food on a lazy day)
  • Too much red meat (Super hard when you love steak!)
  • Fried food is out ( I know, I’m taking away all the good stuff)
  • Dairy

Foods I can enjoy

  • Berries ( Strawberries, Blueberries, Any berries!)
  • Pineapple ( Perfect when you’re under that air con with a heat pack during summer!)
  • Bok Choy ( I never could say no to Bok Choy in Oyster sauce)
  • Broccoli ( Add it with your Bok Choy !)
  • Almond milk (I had to have my morning coffee some how)
  • Nuts  ( Almonds are my favorite)

An easy way to get some of the above in one sitting, Make a smoothie! Fresh berries, pineapple, almond milk and some almonds! Yum!


Do you have any I have missed? I would love to hear what you do when those cramps set in, I’m willing to try anything!