My Endometriosis Journey

Ever felt like a chainsaw is ripping through your cervix? You feel me?

Ah, Memory lane, Great place!

There is still such a stigma in regards to talking about our periods, why? It’s completely normal and if not talked about, Where will awareness come from?

There is nothing more frustrating than “You don’t look sick” comments, “Oh, fourth sickie this month?” “Every girl gets cramps, what makes you such a sook you have to take time off?”. There are thousand more comments that come with the territory. Ever tried to explain it to a male boss? Awkward!

I still remember my lead-up to my diagnosis. I had never had painful periods nor had I ever have irregular bleeding. My first doctors appointment I was told that “maybe as i get older they’re just becoming more painful, completely normal” As I tried contraceptive after contraceptive to try manage this bleeding, I repeatedly came up short. How frustrating this is. I felt like I was screaming, there is something wrong with my body and no one would listen, dead-end after dead-end, doctor after doctor.

I had almost given up hope, faced with the thought I would forever have these problems for the rest of my menstruating life. I still remember the day I walked into a little clinic in my home town, seeing a doctor for the first time my mother had recommended for young girls with problems. I was still apprehensive.

I had never even heard of endometriosis. I recall the doctor drawing me pictures as to what it is and how it works. My ears rang and I could see the fear sweep across my face in her eyes as she mentioned I may not be able to conceive, not to mention there was no “cure” and everything was trial and error.

There is nothing more enlightening than someone who will listen. Someone who instead of sweeping you out the door of their clinic, wants to help a young, confused girl with crippling pain.

Can you remember your first time being told? or a family members? Maybe some of those comments echo in your head every time? I would love to hear your stories.