About Me

Welcome to Aussie Urban Huntress! My name is Kiera, I’m the face behind Aussie Urban Huntress. I grew up in what always felt like a small country town, over the years it’s lost that feeling as is begins to grow, it gives me the best of both worlds. I appreciate nothing more than feeling the mud between my toes and pulling on a pair of boots.

Four years ago I bought a grey off the track thoroughbred, Charlie is my first love. Charlie is 16.2hh ball of cheeky fun. I had my confidence rattled years before when I was stood on and dragged by another horse.When I first purchased Charlie, Charlie scared the crap out of me. Well, we sure have come a long way! From having no confidence to having my riding back was like finding that missing puzzle piece.Three years ago I was informed Charlie had cancer, nothing could be done for the big goof, if it was cut out there was a 70% chance it would just grow back. 70% of grey horses will get some form of melanoma (Crazy huh!) Charlie’s cancer has not changed over the last three years nor does it effect him. But we would love for you to follow Charlie’s journey and what works for us!

The same year Charlie graced my life was the same year I had my first surgery for endometriosis. Firstly, if you too are an endo sufferer, You’re frigging tough, never under estimate yourself because of it! Never think there is no one out there that will understand, because there is a whole band wagon of us, you will never be alone.  I am extremely lucky, my partner is a damn saint when i cant walk, when i cant work and I’m crawling from bed to couch.

I just want to help. I want to share my knowledge, tips and tricks for living with endometriosis and a cheeky horse with the dreaded C word. Sharing things i enjoy the most.

So, Your turn. I would love to here about your journey so far, whether that be with your cheeky horse, your endometriosis or both. Leave me a comment!


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